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Dive into the Canine Universe with Mel Pet & Co dog magazine

Fashion: Explore the latest canine trends with Reahly Concept Store.

Halloween: Dive into captivating doggy tales and legends.

Animal Behavior: Break the myths on treats and explore practical tips.

Health: Dr. Sanspoux's interview and owner testimonials will enlighten you on canine health issues.

Activities: Discover Nosework & Mantrailing's exciting activities with flair!

 With Dogs Revelation, discover canine champions.


Mel Pet & Co in Figures:

100 pages of captivating content

Practical A4 format


Dive into the fascinating world of French dogs with Mel Pet & Co. Be an informed owner, educated and dedicated to the well-being of your faithful companion. Subscribe today!

The Dog Magazine#27 - Our Dogs & Us - 4

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