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Season - Processionary Caterpillars + Parasites : Fleas, Ticks & Intestinal Worms: Stay informed about seasonal threats and common parasites.

Health - 5 Things Not to Do to Protect Your Dog in Summer + Carnations + Heat Stroke in Dogs + Stomach Upsets: Learn how to protect your dog from seasonal risks and emergencies.

Association - L'Arche du Magnoac: Discover the inspiring work of an association dedicated to protecting animals.

Animal Behavior - Pam Comportementalistes, la Chronique: How Words and Expressions Affect Our Understanding of Animals? Explore the nuances of language in understanding animal behavior.

Dogs Revelation : Discover the most remarkable dogs highlighted by Dogs Revelation.


Additional Information:

90 pages of informative and entertaining content

Printed A4 format for comfortable reading

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The Dog Magazine#23 - Our Dogs & Us - 2

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