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 The English Setter & The Gordon Setter: Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of these two breeds, renowned for their elegance and innate talent for hunting, with fascinating stories from enthusiasts around the world.



DISCOVERY - Reahly Concept Store: Explore the world of luxury dog accessories with Reahly Concept Store, a renowned accessories designer.

HEALTH - Epilepsy: Discover an in-depth veterinary thesis and poignant testimonials on this crucial subject.

ANIMAL BEHAVIOR - Pam Behaviorist: Immerse yourself in Pam Behaviorist's never-before-seen column, offering practical advice on how to improve your relationship with your dog.

SPECIAL - Loni & Salto: Discover an inspiring story of Loni & Salto, fighting together against cystic fibrosis.

ACTIVITIES - The Doogo Club: Explore the unique Doogo Club dog park, offering moments of joy and fun for our four-legged friends!


Additional Information:

104 pages of informative and entertaining content

Printed A4 format for comfortable reading

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The Dog Magazine#19 : English Setter & Gordon Setter

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