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Newfoundland and Landseer : Immerse yourself in the world of these big-hearted giants, descended from the great Scandinavian bear dogs, appreciated today as warm family companions. This breed dossier is packed with captivating information and adorable anecdotes!


DISCOVERY - The Mel Pet Shop: Explore the world of the Mel Pet Shop, your destination for quality accessories and products for your canine companion.

HEALTH - Taking care of your dog's paws: Discover practical advice on how to take care of your dog's paws, ensuring his health and well-being.

ASSOCIATION - Sporting dogs in the water: Discover inspiring stories of sporting dogs with a passion for water activities.

ANIMAL BEHAVIOR - Pam Behaviorist: Immerse yourself in the fascinating chronicle of Pam Behaviorist, offering invaluable tips and advice for improving the relationship with your dog.

ACTIVITIES - A vacation in the mountains: Explore exciting activities for dogs on vacation in the mountains.

ACTIVITIES - Artik Basterds, Nordic dog activities: Discover exciting activities for Nordic dogs with Artik Basterds, your ultimate guide to exciting outdoor adventures.


Additional Information:

115 pages of informative and entertaining content

Printed A4 format for comfortable reading

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Mel Pet & Co and let our unrivalled expertise in dog training and wellbeing guide you. Subscribe now and never miss an exciting issue!

The Dog Magazine#18 : Newfoundland & Landseer

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