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Old English Mastiff & Bullmastiff: Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of two breeds that embody both power and gentleness. Discover their origins, their unique characteristics and enjoy exclusive interviews with experts and enthusiasts of these breeds.



SEASON - Three Summer Activities with Your Dog: Discover exciting activities to do this summer with your faithful companion.

HEALTH - Kennel Cough: Everything you need to know about this common health problem in dogs.

ASSOCIATION - L'Association Gamelles Pleines: Find out about the association's vital work to support animals in need.

ACTIVITY - Vanning with Your Dog: Explore ideas for adventurous vanning with your four-legged friend.

SERVICES - Le Tandem, Café-Chien: Discover the unique experience of enjoying a coffee break in the company of your dog.

SERVICES - Photography classes with Lydia Bellet: Learn the art of photography from a passionate professional.

WAF ASSOCIATION - Join the Movement with Nathalie: Discover the remarkable work of the WAF association with founder Nathalie and her adorable dog Sunny.

DISCOVER - Pawtie's Boutique: Discover Pawtie's Boutique, your go-to destination for quality accessories for your canine companion.


Additional Information :

110 Pages Filled with Useful Information and Valuable Resources

Printed A4 format for Comfortable and Pleasant Reading

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The Dog Magazine#16 : Mastiff & Bullmastiff

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