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Magazines & Books about dogs and the dog world

Our books, magazines and journals on dogs, discover the canine world in its entirety!

Discover our books on dogs, the canine world & our special American Bully series.


Special dog breed issues.


The number for the dog world: dog training, health, activities, etc...


The American Bully series, from the creation to the stabilization of a breed.

All the canine knowledge you need for a harmonious relationship with your dog! What if a happy life with your dog was as simple as subscribing to a dog magazine? Mel Pet & Co is a new monthly magazine specializing in the dog world, in book format. Our magazines are high quality and ecologically responsible, since we print on demand and fight against waste! 

Online magazines are free!

Mel Pet & Co was a revelation for me: it's who I am and what I know how to do best.

The special dog breed magazines, with their red banners, will introduce you to dog breeds through interviews with recognized professionals and passionate owners.

Mel Pet & Co magazines and books provide you with over 80 pages of information about FCI-recognized dog breeds, including breed sheets (FCI breed standards), breed origins, legends and history, breeder interviews and testimonials from passionate dog owners. From working dogs to show dogs to family dogs, Mel Pet & Co presents a 360-degree view of our dog breeds.

The Our Dogs & Us issues, with their blue banner, cover all aspects of the dog world.

The Our Dogs & Us issues, with their blue banner, cover all aspects of the dog world. You'll find articles on dog training, dog health, dog fashion, news and advice on dog behavior and communication. We'll accompany you with your dog, your puppy, your older dog! Mel Pet & Co's goal: to bring dog lovers together!

The American Bully series takes you on a trip through the world of the American Bully.

The breed was created in the USA in the 1980s and 1990s. In recent years, it has become increasingly popular. Based on the American Staffordshire Terrier and American Pit Bull Terriers, supplemented by several bulldog-type breeds, it was created as a companion dog.

  • American Bully

    Every month
    4 magazines/year
  • Our Dogs & Us

    Every month
    6 magazines/year
  • Dog breed

    Every month
    6 magazines/year
  • Dog Breeds + Our Dogs & Us

    Every month
    12 magazines/year
  • American Bully + Our dogs & Us

    Every month
    10 magazines/year
  • Dog breed + Our dogs + Bully

    Every month
    16 magazines/year


printed magazines

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